Starting September 5, Dirt Candy no longer offers an à la carte menu at dinner. Guests can choose from one of the two options below:

The Vegetable Patch ($57, tip included) - approximately five courses, this menu is made up of some of our tried and true greatest hits. (wine pairing with this menu is $45)

The Vegetable Garden ($83, tip included) - approximately nine to ten courses, this menu changes based on the seasons, what our purveyors brought that week, and our chef's mood. Recommended for those who want a vegetable party at their table. (wine pairing with this menu is $65)

Brunch will still be à la carte and we've added some of our most popular dinner items to the brunch menu. We'll also be serving a limited dinner menu at our bar every night.

We've included information about some of our past and present dishes on the rest of this page to help you waste time at work.


Bloody Carrie $13

smoked bloody mary + grilled carrot juice + mezcal

Jealous Mary $13

traditional bloody mary + vodka + green tomato juice

Mimosa Madness $12

yellow pepper mimosa / or cucumber mimosa / or beet mimosa


Sundown Negroni $16

artichoke infused gin + cynar

Radish Gibson $16

gin or vodka + pickled radish

Cucumber Mojito $16

cucumber + mint + rum

Carrot Penicillin $16

tequila + carrot juice

Popcorn Old Fashioned $16

popcorn infused bourbon

Island Flower $16

tequila + pineapple + fennel

Celery Pimm's Cup $16

celery + pimm's

Snap! $16

peas + gin

DC Picklebacks $7

shot of chilled vodka + shot of pickled beet juice


Ca’ dei Zago Prosecco Col Fondo$48 bottle, $12 glass

An unfiltered prosecco, touched as little as possible by human hands, this is a cloudy blast of fizzy citrus, with more body, more taste, and more spritz.

Domaine Andre et Mireille Tissot Cremant du Jura Extra Brut Rosé$52 bottle, $13 glass

From my favorite French wine producer, this biodynamic rose is super-bubbly and very dry. Worried about headaches from sparkling wines? Worries begone! This tongue-tingler has almost no sugar.

Franz Strohmeier Rosé Sekt$81

Blauer Wildbacher grapes whipped into a bone dry raspberry foam, made champagne style, with the taste of caramel and gingerbread.

Cidrerie du Vulcain Trois Pepins$52 bottle, $13 glass

The hippest drink in Paris right now is also the number one cider in Switzerland. Made from apples, pears, and quince, the pear adds a cooling blast to the cider. It's unpasteurized, naturally fermented and totally delicious.


Brooks Amycas White$38 bottle, $11 glass

A noble blend from a small, biodynamic, family-owned vineyard in Oregon, they started out wanting to make a Riesling but wound up with this Pinot Noir instead. It's all sparkling diamonds and lemonade with a bright poppy edge of muscat.

Vadiaperti Coda di Volpe$42 bottle, $12 glass

This Southern Italian wine has a steely, mineral kick, a smoky taste, and a hint of seawater. Made of coda di volpe (tail of the fox) grapes, It's like drinking a smoldering underwater volcano.

Stadlmann Rotgipfler Anninger$44 bottle, $11 glass

A cult favorite, this Austrian wine is made of 100% Rotgipfler grapes from a biodynamic vineyard. It's got the taste of stonefruit and is round and silky in your mouth.

Audrey et Christian Binner Riesling Ammerschwihr$60 bottle, $15 glass

Rieslings and vegetables are such time-honored pairing that I resisted having a riesling on my wine list for over 7 years. But this natural wine from Alsace tastes like a country garden and I couldn't resist. It’s dry and mineraly, with a big taste of lemons and figs.

Thurnhoff Goldmuskateller 2011$52 bottle, $13 glass

The greatest discovery ever made at Dirt Candy, this wine pours like liquid gold and has a thick, musty smell of grapes, then it lashes your tongue with pine needles.

Dobra Vinice Cuvée Kambrium Veltlin Ryzlink Sauvignon$60 bottle, $15

WARNING: never drink Czechoslovakian wines...except this one. A natural wine that blends Sauvignon Blanc, Gruner, and Riesling grapes, this sounds like the sweetest most tooth-rotting wine ever. But the natural winemaking process keeps it from getting sugary, and the natural funkiness of the fermentation provides a perfect balance to these grape's natural sweetness, resulting in one of our most beautifully balanced natural wines that's perfect for summer.

Hatzidakis Assyrtiko$55 bottle, $14

Greek wines rock! The Assyrtiko grape from Santorini delivers a mouth-watering glass full of the Aegean Sea. Salty, lemony, bright and acidic, it's a wine that's epically heroic and truly Homeric.

Big Table Farm Edelzwicker$64 bottle

A blend of four noble grapes (Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Silvaner) this Oregon wine has a big personality that's very dry, a little bit funky, and kind of nutty.

Domaine André & Mireille Tissot Chardonnay La Mailloche$85 bottle

I hate Chardonnay, but this isn't the oaky junk you had at your last gallery opening. Sweet and lingering, like being in love, it's big on citrus and smoke, a golden wine that coats your mouth like 14kt honey.


Zuccardi Serie A$40 bottle, $10

Bonarda grapes don't get any respect, but this Argentinian wine from a small, family-owned vineyard deserves it. Dark and leathery, with a long, earthy finish, great tannins, and the taste of root vegeables, it tastes like the ultimate farmer's wine.

Anita & Hans Nittnaus Blaufränkish$44 bottle, $11 glass

If you know Blaufrankish, you love Blaufrankish. If you don't know Blaufrankish, this is the place to start. Creamy, smooth, slightly peppery, with a little bit of slate and limestone, it's as well-rounded and high-performing as a Harvard application.

Domaine des Sablonettes Les Copains Anjou$44 bottle, $11

Ancient, black Grolleau grapes usually make rose' but in this natural wine from the Loire valley they Hulk out to make a big, rustic, super tannic, juicy wine.

Remi Dufaitre l’Air de Rien 2013$55 bottle, $14 glass

From the Beaujolais region, made of 100% Gamay grapes, this wine is like the perfect French exchange student who moves into your house: friendly, silky, fresh, and sweet, without being heavy or overbearing.

Heitz Cellar Grignolino 2012$60 bottle

Made of 100% Grignolino grapes, this California wine is a fiesta of tiny bubbles in your mouth. A smooth jam of currants, tomatoes, and raspberries, it smells a bit dusty, but it's super alive, waking up your mouth like an alarm clock.

Churchill Estates Touriga Nacional Douro$64 bottle, $16

Normally used to make Port, the Touriga Nacional grape is 100% responsible for this thick, herbal Spanish wine. Rich and smooth, it's like drinking a glass full of smoked chocolate rocks.

Clos de Trias Vieilles Vignes 2007$75 bottle

This natural wine is 100% Grenache grapes, and it's a big glass of midnight that lands on your table and wraps you in its cape, like Batman. Or Dracula. A perfume of raspberry hides a deep, complicated heart of darkness.