Epic New Year's Day Brunch

Tuesday, January 1, 11am - 6pm

On Tuesday, January 1st we're hosting an epic, all-day brunch! And as an extra surprise, I'll be debuting my veggie burger here. I've got big plans for her, and have spent the past year getting her ready for the world. Now you can be one of the first people to try her!

Did you spend all last night at a lackluster party where you forced yourself to stay up until midnight? Or maybe you were out until the crack of dawn? Possibly, you burned all your ex's clothes he keeps "forgetting" to pick up? Maybe your girlfriend broke up with you?

Now it's time to start the new year right with the greatest act of love you can perform for yourself: brunch at Dirt Candy.

So many Bloody Marys! So many mimosas! So many sandwiches! So many pancakes! We'll also have a few special items on the menu, including one insane treat that will blow your mind if we can clear it with the legal department in time (we're not kidding). So whether the world lifted you up last night, or threw you down and jumped on your face, whether you loved 2018 and are excited for the sequel, or you hated it and are ready for the new and improved version, mark the occasion by brunching with us.

Make a reservation online.

Or give us a call (212-228-7732).

And we'll be seeing you in 2019!