Wednesday, February 14th

Valentine's Day Dinner!

Over the years, people have celebrated weddings, first dates, anniversaries, and proposals at Dirt Candy because, let’s face it, vegetables are romantic. But we've never offered a Valentine's Day menu. However, due to popular demand, and because I'm feeling romantic right now, this year Dirt Candy is holding its first ever Valentine's Day Dinner!
(Call now for reservations! Or go to Open Table!)

Tonight only, we’re offering a seven course tasting menu (including dessert) designed with romance in mind. The menu isn't fully set yet because I'm going to let the spirit of the holiday move me, but I guarantee it's going to be special.

To get you in the mood for romance, your meal starts with a glass of something sparkling from one of the incredible female winemakers on our list.

I'm including my salt-roasted Candy Cane Beets, stuffed with their own greens.

Throughout your meal we'll deliver an assortment of light snacks to your table like Shanghai Shoots, roasted squash in a leche de tigre, grilled onions with onion cream and pickled ramps, and more. Valentine's Day should be about a lot of small bites, rather than a couple of giant dishes.

Before dessert you'll get our Canadian cheese course, which I'm in love with. (And, yes, there is a vegan alternative.)

Your meal ends with a top secret, brand new mushroom dessert that we're experimenting with right now.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The menu is $100 per person (includes tip, but not tax).
And, if you’re in a festive mood, we’re offering a wine and champagne pairing for $45.

Just call Dirt Candy (212-228-7732) for a reservation, or head on over to Open Table. And would you mind letting us know if you're vegan, or if you have any dietary restrictions, when you make your reservation?

I'm excited to be doing this for the first time! Because, let's face it, the “V” in “V-Day” stands for vegetables.

Wednesday, 2/14 - Saturday, 2/17

Solo Diner's Week 2018!

Sometimes even Keanu likes to eat alone.

So while we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day for the first time ever this year, we’re also holding our regular Solo Diner’s Week to do something nice for our solo diners, who are the best customers ever. Let’s face it, nothing is better than having dinner with the coolest person you know...yourself!

But my problem with eating alone is that I can’t order as many dishes as when I'm with other people so I don't get to try as many things. Well, this week we're fixing that by serving the full Dirt Candy tasting menu, scaled down for one. It's a seven-course tasting menu offered this week for solo diners only:

  • House Greens!
  • Portobello Mousse!
  • Beets!
  • Carrot!
  • Brassica!
  • Spinach!
  • And dessert! (Which will vary depending on my pastry chef's mood.)

Solo diners will be seated at our chef’s counter, and we’ll pour them a glass of something sparkling as soon as they sit down, just to say thank you for being awesome.

The meal is $75 (that includes tip, but not tax) and it’s for solo diners only.

Just call and make a reservation (212-228-7732), or make it on Open Table, and let us know that you’re a solo diner. We’ll treat you like royalty. Because to us, you are.

Tuesday, February 13th

Mardi Gras Party!

They call it Fat Tuesday because it’s the day you’re supposed to eat the richest, most insane feast of the year before starting your fast for Lent. It’s also when everyone goes to New Orleans and loses their minds. At Dirt Candy we’re doing both — losing our minds and eating an insane our first ever Mardi Gras Party!
Tickets are on sale now!

This blow-out is taking over the entire dining room and we're serving a six-course feast featuring a line-up of brand new Mardi Gras dishes:

  • The meal starts with Savory Vegetable Beignets
  • There’s Okra Salad and, trust me, I hate okra and I love this dish
  • My Southern mother-in-law’s party dish is Oyster Pie, so in her honor we’re serving Oyster Mushroom Pie
  • A Celeriac Po Boy
  • Stoneground Grits with Poached Egg and Gumbo
  • And for dessert, a King Cake!

Tickets are $95 per person (includes tip, but not tax) and they're on sale now!

What's Mardi Gras without cocktails? Nothing, that's what! So we’ll be offering a full menu of traditional Mardi Gras cocktails with Dirt Candy twists, and they can be ordered à la carte or as a pairing for an extra $45.

So put on your party clothes, and come have a feast with us. In the deepest, darkest days of winter, this is an event that's guaranteed to keep the bad times at bay!

NOTE: Vegan guests are welcome, but we cannot accommodate gluten-free diners tonight. If you have a food allergy, please email or call the restaurant at 212-228-7732 BEFORE you buy your ticket to make sure we can honor your restrictions. Only allergies we’re informed of at the time of ticket purchase will be honored.

Monday, February 5

The Great Canadian Beer Hall is back!

The first Great Canadian Beer Hall of the year is coming on Monday, February 5th! Presented with our friends at the Canada Association, we'll be pre-gaming the Winter Olympics, starting at 5:30pm, serving Canadian beers, Canadian cocktails (Bloody Caesars, anyone?), Sneaky Dee's Nachos, poutine, Nanaimo Bars, and Fried Moose Ears!

We'll also be screening hockey as the Maple Leafs take on the Anaheim Ducks at 7pm!

So come on down, expats and Americans alike, and get a taste of the Great White North on the Lower East Side. Applications for Canadian citizenship will be available to Americans, and anyone wearing Leafs gear gets a free Molsons. Because that's how we roll in Canada!