12/18 @ 5:30pm

Lost Boys Night

It's the 30th anniversary of The Lost Boys and the Great Canadian Beer Hall is partying like it's 1987!

Why do we care about this California vampire movie? Because it stars two Canadians who celebrate their birthdays this very same week! Kiefer Sutherland (12/21) and Corey Haim (12/23)!

We'll be screening the movie (a lot), serving food specials, and the bar will be dishing out Bloody Coreys: The Corey Feldman is a Michelada and the Corey Haim is a Bloody Caesar, the national drink of Canada!

Hockey? Always! At 9pm watch the Edmonton Oilers tame the San Jose Sharks!

Wednesday, December 13 @ 8pm

Winter Wine Feast


It's winter. The days are short, and the nights are long. It's cold, it's dark, and the trees are bare. What better time to get together with friends, close the doors, draw the curtains, and celebrate life with a six-course vegetable feast and some truly extraordinary wines? We'll be beating back the winter blues at this amazing dinner featuring wine from Le Petit Domaine de Gimios, one of the most amazing wine makers in France.

Anne-Marie Lavaysse revived this abandoned Languedoc farm in 1993 and discovered that it contained a bunch of 100+ year-old vines that were the former farmer's home vineyard. She added some of her own vines — mostly rare French varietals that no one works with anymore, some of which are near extinction — and began to produce wine. But her vines aren't trained like a modern vineyard, they're bush vines that grow wild, so there will be a Carignan vine, then two Cinsault vines, followed by a couple of Grenache vines. It's the most natural, wild, and rustic vineyard you can imagine.

On top of that, Anne-Marie adds absolutely nothing to her wines — not even the sulfur or copper used in most organic agriculture. There are no additives or preservatives used in the vinification. This results in incredibly tiny batches of the finest natural wine in all of France, made with varietals you won't find anywhere else: Alamon, Terret, and Alicante alongside more familiar Muscat and Grenache.

Every single one of the six courses will be paired with one of Anne-Marie's wines, and our favorite natural wine fanatic, Camille Rivière, will be here to tell you about each and every one of them. She's spent a lot of time with Anne-Marie at Le Petit Domaine de Gimios and knows this wine inside out.

Dinner is $125 (which includes tip, but not tax).

Tickets are on sale now.

This is the perfect event to share with someone special this holiday season, a way to remind you both that even when the weather is cold, and the world is bleak, and relatives are bearing down on you like a pirate ship, there is still joy to be found in good food and great wine.