Monday, May 21

May 2-4!

If you're Canadian, you know what the third Monday of May means! It's May 2-4 and Dirt Candy is going all out with a massive shindig at the Great Canadian Beer Hall on Monday, May 21st from 6pm - Whenever We All Fall Down!

For those who don't know what May 2-4 is, an explanation:
May 24th is Queen Victoria's Birthday, and we get a National Holiday in Canada called Victoria Day which is really just an excuse for a three-day weekend. But this long weekend has become the magical weekend when everyone takes advantage of the warm(er) weather to go open up their cottages, crack open some cases of beer (24 cans, get it?), and blow off their eyebrows with fireworks. Of course, it's usually too cold on May 24 to sit outside for long and swarms of black flies will eat you alive if you do, but that's what the beer is for.

How is Dirt Candy celebrating? On 5/21 we're opening up the Great Canadian Beer Hall with our menu of all Canadian food and beer, we'll be running May 2-4 food and drink specials, showing summer camp movies on the big screens, and we'll be asking you guys what you want us to do to celebrate Canada Day this July! I'm even trying to figure out a way to do fireworks!

There are no reservations, but we've got plenty of room, and the cheapest Molsons in town. So come on down to the Great Canadian Beer Hall at Dirt Candy to celebrate May 2-4 on Monday, 5/21!