Ricotta Fritters

Pastry Chef, Debbie Lee, just got the ricotta fritters up and running on the menu. Those are the fritters on the left, anchored with green tomato marmalade, and on the right that's a scoop of lemon olive oil ice cream with a dried tomato chip on top.

Destroy all Vandals!

We were a bit worried about our menu box outside Dirt Candy. It's a gorgeous piece of plastic, hand crafted by artisinal plastic workers deep in the mountains of Brooklyn and we had to pay for it with a bag of gold dust and a magical chicken. But East Ninth Street, where we're located, is a lovely, quiet neighborhood and we figured that it would be fine.

No such luck. Three days after being installed, late on this past Saturday night, some little twerps broke it free from the ground, cracked it into pieces and threw the pieces up and down the block. We're figuring out a way to get it back up and to make it twerp-proof, so consider this a temporary setback, not a permanent defeat. And rest assured, little vandals, this menu box is going to come looking for you in the night. It won't sleep until it's found you, and when it does, neither god nor man can save you from its wrath.

Our menu box. RIP...for now.

And...we're open!

Wednesday, October 29, and Dirt Candy is officially open. Almost one year to the day since our meeting with the block association (last Halloween) that was the first step in getting a liquor license. We started off with a week of friends and family dinners and have been cranking non-stop to get this place up for last night. Open Table reservations are working, and believe it or not, they're recommended. First night saw us with a packed house and getting low on food towards the end of the evening, and we even had to turn a few folks away because we were completely full for a couple of hours. Still no gas, so we're cooking with electricity, which hasn't turned out to be as bad as anticipated. However, once we've got gas going in this place it'll be like a molten volcano of food.

So for all the missing toilet seats (how'd that happen?), broken induction ranges (we're on our third), insane contractors who steal money (just one, but he stole a lot) and earth-shattering disasters (more than can be counted without going insane) it still feels like it was worth it. Below are a couple of before and after shots so folks can get a feel for what we did with this place.


...and after.


...and after.

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