Best of the Blog: Food Gone Wild

I own a lot of cookbooks. A LOT of cookbooks. And one of the things I love most are old cookbooks and the snapshots they give of vanished restaurants and recipes. I also love delis that make art out of ketchup. These posts give you both.

Best of the Blog: Ask a Chef?

A lot of people have questions about restaurants and being a chef. That's natural! People are curious creatures. Fortunately, I have answered many of these questions somewhere in the blog at some point.

Best of the Blog: Running a Restaurant

In the seven years that I kept this blog, one thing I wrote about all the time was what it was actually like to run a restaurant. This gets harrowing, but don't be scared. Sometimes the best way to cure your fears is to confront them.

The Party's Over

Goodnight, little Dirt Candy. It was an amazing six years. Thank you for everything. You were very good to me. When November comes, you'll be bigger and in a new location, but for now just get some rest. You deserve it.